Investigation Announced For White Georgia Police Officer Who Uses Sho-ck We-apon On Black Woman – VIDEO

A Georgia police officer is under investigation after he ta*ed a woman on her own po-rch. An unsettling video circulating on social media show the Gwinnett County officer dra*ging the woman around the front of her own home before sho*ting her with the st*n g*n.

Although the video does not show what led to the alterc*tion, the woman — later identified as Kyndesia Smith — makes absolutely no thr*at of v!olence before she is incapacitated.

The clip shows the officer ar*uing with a group of women, all of whom are Bla-ck, before telling one: “you’re under arr*st.”

He does not say what she is under arr*st for; Smith stands behind her friend — later identified as Aytra Thomas — who is sitting in a chair, but the officer roughly gr*bs her and dr*gs her out, sp!lling Thomas out of her seat.

The group plead with him to calm down; instead he p*lls out his T*ser and aims, ye*ling: “Get on the f–king ground. Get on the ground right now. T*ser. T*ser.” Exactly 21 seconds after telling Smith she is under ar*est, the officer f!res, sending her cr*shing into the bushes while her friends scr*am in ho*ror.

“Leave her alone! What are you doing?” they y*ll, while one even sho*ts to “Call the police!”They repeatedly ask the officer for his name, but he ign*res them.”Turn over, put your hands behind your back. I will t*se you again,” he tells Smith as she lays on the ground, before informing his radio “T*ser deployed.”He then wre*ches her arms behind her back to handc*ff her.

According to the police report obtained by TooFab, the officer — Michael Oxford — said he was d!spatched after a neighbor accused Thomas of throwing a bottle at her car and thre*tening her.”As I was walking up to the area in which the female was sitting multiple people in the area began ye*ling things such as ‘We didn’t call the police’ ‘You shouldn’t be here’ and ‘you can’t come on our property’… due to many of them sho*ting and ye*ling over each other it was unclear what every individual was saying,” the officer explained.

He said he told Thomas to come and talk with him, but she ref*sed, and that everyone kept ye*ling and scr*aming, “to the point in which I could not successfully conduct my investigation without being interrupted.”He continued: “I told Smith that she needs to either quiet down and or remove herself from the scene and if she did not she would be further obstr*cting my investigation and would be ar*ested. Smith once again continued to y*ll and sh*ut in which I then told her she was under ar*est.”

He said Smith then used Thomas as a ba*rier and pu*led away from him and a struggle ens*ed, at which point he pu*led out his Taser and commanded her to get on the ground, which she ign*red, so he sh*t her. The video shows four seconds between the command and the t*sing.Oxford said the back up needed to get the 5’5″, 115lb Smith into handc*ffs then arrived.

But when he finally got her sat in the patrol car, he claimed she k!cked him in the head and face several times.He said that due to a large and d!sor-derly crowd being present, officers needed to withdraw from the scene for safety concerns.Smith was arr*sted for obstructing law enfo*cement, and simple battery on an officer “with a bl*nt object (hand/f!st/etc).”No cha*ges arose from the original call; witnesses cla!med the 911 caller is constantly calling police.A spokesperson for Gwinnett County PD said Oxford has been placed on administrative leave, and that the incident is being investigated.According to Georgia law, an officer must only use fo*ce that is reasonably necessary to make an ar*est; a citizen has the right to “res!st unlawful fo*ce used” in an arr*st — even if that arr*st is legal.

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