People Requesting To Erase BLM Mrunal Street, ‘Let Me Paint On My Message On It Too’ – VIDEO

Opinion| As major cities in America bu*n, and v!olent cr!me s*ars, the Dem*crat leadership has decided to spend their oh so precious time painting ‘Bla*k Lives Matter’ on their streets. The mural have faired better in some cities than others.

Perhaps most infamously, NYC’s failed Democrat Mayor, Bill de Blasio, embarra*sed himself, while standing next to Al Sharpton, painting the name of the rad!cal leftist organization on the fa-bled 5th Avenue.

Of course, Lil’ Bill could not help but paint the words right in front of Trump’s iconic building, Trump Tower.Clearly de Blasio is not buying into the ‘Be Best’ mindset.

Republican Representative, Lee Zeldin, tweeted: ‘Fascinatingly ineffe-ctive, first of its kind str-ategy in progress by Mayor DeBlasio: At the same time, he is both asking the President for a $7.4 BILLION ba!lout while also tr-olling the President by painting this mural in front of Trump Tower in NYC.’

In a stunning lack of self awareness and over the top pe-ttiness, the laughing stock of NYC, and perhaps the most de-spised man by the NYPD, gave the following speech after he fin!shed his photo op with the painting rollers:‘We are libe-rating 5th avenue’ … the shameless ra*e p!mping/pa-ndering has reached incredible heights.

Of course, other Democrats saw what Bill did and conde*ned it … lol, JK, of course they didn’t cond*mn it, they followed suit. The BLM painting in NYC has been the ta*get of, what the MSM calls, vand*lism: In Washington DC the Mayor had the same street graffiti authorized and painted: For the record, I obviously agree with the sentiment that (lowercase) blac-k lives matter, and I think 98-99% of the population agrees.

On the other hand, the radical leftist, often v!olent and unw-illing to compromise group ‘Bla-ck Lives Matter’, which has some founders and chapter leaders who are self described ‘trained Ma-rxists’, is not something I support, in fact I think it is the most dan*erous group in the country, right up there with An-tifa.

In the District of Columbia, authorizing this ‘mural’ to be painted on the street resulted in a la*suit aga!nst the Mayor. The local Fox aff!liate, Fox 5 DC, reported: ‘A la*suit is challenging Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser’s move to paint “Bl-ack Lives Matter” in giant yellow letters down the city’s 16th Street near the White House, so-calling she is v!olating the First Amendment’s establishment cl*use by showing a preference to what it calls a “cult ort*odoxy.”

The suit, f-iled in fede-ral court Wednesday by street pastor Rich Penkoski, also complains in ince-ndiary language that Bowser’s decision to change a street name to “Bla-ck Lives Matter Plaza” was done “to pay respect to the Bl-ack Lives Matter l!turgy at the taxpayers exp-ense.”’

Of course, after seeing the pu*ches landed on Trump’s back by NYC and DC’s mayors, the cr-azies in California (and other places) decided to get in on the ac-tion. There was just one problem for them which came in the form of a very clever Trump supporter.

Fox News explained: ‘Redwood City resident Dan Pease received permission from city officials to paint “Bla-ck Lives Matter” on Broadway Street as part of a Fourth of July public art celebration, according to KPIX 5. City officials even supplied him with the yellow poster paint to make the mural.

“Because we were using the po-ster board paint that would eventually deter!orate over time, my understanding from them was that the mural would last as long as the paint lasted,” Pease explained, the outlet said.’How bold, how brave😳 … All was well on the left coast until Maria Rutenberg, a local real estate attorney decided, what is good for the go-ose is good for the ga*der:

Fox News went on to explain ‘… Rutenberg, who reasoned that the street was now a public forum, asked the city if she could paint her own “MAGA 2020” sign on the same street.’The simplicity in Maria’s request and the brilliance she showed in knowing that the leftist leadership of the town would never ab!de any speech in favor of the President to be laid upon it’s streets resulted in the prompt removal of the ‘Bl-ack Lives Matter’ painting:

‘Redwood City in San Francisco’s Bay Area quietly scrubbed away its Bla-ck Lives Matter mural from a city street after a resident asked to paint a similar “MAGA 2020” on the same road …’ Fox explained. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as finding your enemies weakness (lack of tol*rance) and using it aga!nst them. We have assigned a tro-ll rating of 2 to Redwood City for the fa!lure to maintain their attempt to divide the community and a tro-ll level of 11 to Ms. Rutenberg for the simplicity and effe-ctiveness of her suggestion which poetically expose the city’s b!as and lack of tole*ance. (Those are subjective opinions, don’t flag me bro).

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