Maxine Waters Jumps Out Of SUV After Seeing Cops Who Deta-in A Black Motorist In LA – VIDEO

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters appears on a video posted on social media jumping out of her SUV to the aid of a bla-ck motorist who was pu*led over by cops during a traffic stop in Los Angeles this weekend.

The bla-ck Democrat told the person filming her that the cops had ‘stopped a brother,’ and that she was going to check on the situation. Waters cla!ms that the deputies thre*tened her with a ticket for pu*ling over the way she did.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office later told that the motorist had been pu*led over as part of a bu*glary investigation.In the footage of the incident, posted on Facebook by a user named Marva Brown, Waters is seen on the side of the road explaining her ac-tions.

‘They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing,’ the 81-year-old lawmaker said in the footage.’They say I’m in the wrong place. They say they’re going to give me a ticket,’ she explained.’That’s ok, as long as I watch them,’ Waters added.

The person recording agrees with the congresswoman, and replies, ‘Gotta do what they gotta do. Make sure.”I will,’ said Waters as she walked away towards a female officer who watched her from nearby. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office told that the motorist had been pu*led over as part of a bu*glary investigation about 8.30am Friday.

They said Waters initially pu*led her vehicle up to the traffic stop and began ‘y*lling at the deputies’.The congresswoman was told she was obstr*cting traffic and to pul* over.She was later released with a wa*ning after she ref*sed to sign a c!tation for the possible vi*lation, the spokesperson said.

The man who was pu*led over was found to be in possession of a metal pipe, however, he also was released.A spokesperson for Waters was not immediately available when reached out for comment.

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