Jordyn Woods Feels Froggy In A Lime Green Top And Looks Super Attractive – VIDEO

Jordyn Woods knows that fashion can change your life! The beautiful influencer shared a series of chic selfies on Saturday. She stu*ned in a low-c*t, lime green top and rose-colored shades.

Jordyn believes that the right outfit can aff*ct the world around her and explained her philosophy in the caption of her post. “wear the color of what you’re trying to attract they say 😉,” Woods wrote alongside her amazing photos.

Her millions of fans were thr!lled with her post and sounded off in the comments section of her post.”you look so good 😭😍😍,” one impressed follower wrote while another said, “Her skin is just…😍😍.”

“That green vibe h!tting just right🔥💚,” a third fan commented. Many people mentioned that green is the color of money and related her “wear the color of what you’re trying to attract” comment. She certainly has plenty of that!

She’s always flexing on the gram with new nails and new cars. Woods almost broke the internet earlier this week when she appeared in the music video for P-op Sm*ke’s post*umous track, “Mood Swings.” She stu*ned in a cu*out bodysuit as lip-synced all the rapper’s lyrics.”shawty a lil baddie🕊,” she said. “MOOD SWINGS OUT NOW ♥️ WOO🕊.”

Even h*tter than the music video was the behind the scenes clip she shared.”y’all wanna see some of the scenes that didn’t make the c*t 🤩😍,” she captioned the su*try clip.The young model never takes a day off from being cute and she is always happy to give her followers a p*ep at her outfits and makeup style. She served up some major face a few days ago for a superzoom.”to grow from your past you have to face it 💋,” she joked in the caption of her post.

Woods tried to keep a model worthy pose but couldn’t keep the smile off her face in the end. How about those earrings though!”I love this so much! Love you for facing it and being true to yourself!” one impressed follower commented while another said, “Such a beauttt😻😻😻.””Ur-gh your[s!c] just so amazing inside and out,” a third fan declared.

Jordyn loves all the attention that she gets from her adoring fans but at the end of the day, she only posts/gets all fancy because it makes her happy. She shared an inspirational quote to her Instagram story to re!nfo*ce her feelings.”Post selfies for you. Doll u* for you. Workout for you. Eat good for you. Make you happy. ‘Ca-use who the f* are they?”Well said, Jordyn! Your pics make us happy too!

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