GF Pranked By Boyfriend Who Swapped Her Bi-kini With One That Dissolved In Water – VIDEO

I should start off by saying that the man involved in this prank, Julius Dein, is a magician, and magicians are typically known for making things disappear without anyone knowing how it’s done.

That’s not to say his girlfriend, Estelle, should have been expecting her b!kini to disappear, but Julius is the first person she should have su*pected when it did.

The couple was enjoying a nice day at the beach, with Estelle showing off the new b!kini she’d ordered from the internet. Little did she know, Julius had replaced her order with one that would leave her ba*ing all.

Julius could be heard laughing from behind the camera as Estelle ventured into the sea, and the ant!cipation was pa-lpable as the waves la-pped around her ankles.

It took her a while to fully subm*rge her body, and the magician got more am-used with each step she took. Julius seemed to recognize how cr*el his joke was as Estelle fully subm-erged herself, but he still couldn’t stop laughing.

He commented: According to the instruction manual, it should take 15-30 seconds for the chemicals to k!ck in to make the b!kini dissolve… This is so bad but so good.


After a few minutes, Estelle caught on to the fact that the b!kini had suddenly disappeared, leaving her body on full display beneath the water. She began to look around frantically, presumably hoping to find the lum!nous swimsuit flo-ating by, but obviously it was nowhere to be found.



Posted by Julius Dein on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Julius fe!gned innocence as he asked Estelle what was wrong, to which she responded: ‘My b!kini! I think I lost it!’Estelle went on to say her b!kini had been ‘st*len’, while Julius continued to leave her in the dark about what had really happened. After leaving her flo*ndering in the ocean for some time, he finally offered her a towel to wrap around her body as she left the water. She remained completely unaware as the video came to an end, but I’m sure it wasn’t long before Estelle found out the truth, especially when Julius posted the video for the world to see. Hopefully, Estelle will be on the lookout for her boyfriend’s magic tricks in the future!

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