Family Of Breonna Taylor Cla-imed That No Aid Was Offered After She Was Sh0t

Breonna Taylor’s family is not only holding the Louisville police responsible for her loss but they are now so-calling that medical aid wasn’t offered to the young woman after she was fa*ally sh*t eight times.

The bo*bshell cla!m was made Sunday in a new 31-page legal f!ling by the family of Taylor, The New York Times reported. It is their belief that the EMT technician undergone in ag*ny for up to six minutes during what they believe was a “bo*ched” ra!d in March.

“In the six minutes that ela-psed from the time Breonna was sh*t, to the time she passed away, we have no evidence suggesting that any officer made entry in an attempt to check and assist her,” Sam Aguiar, the family’s lawyer, said in an interview. “She undergone.”

Taylor passed away on March 13 during a bo*ched dr-g ra!d that she was not the ta*get of. Taylor, who worked at two local hospitals, was sh*t as police were serving a ‘no-kn*ck wa*rant’ related to a narc*tics investigation.

Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, called 911 to report someone was br*aking into their apartment.As police f!red on the couple, Walker returned f!re and Taylor was sh*t eight times. She passed away at the scene.

Walker was arre*ted at the scene for attempted mu*der but the cha*ges aga!nst him were later dropped. No narc*tics were found in the home and her family f!led a lawsu!t aga!nst the three police officers involved in the sh*oting.

Officials with the city have pu*hed back aga!nst the suggestion that she was left to d!e, insisting it is a “gro-ss m!scharacterization.”The cor-oner who performed Taylor’s aut-opsy stated that Taylor experienced life ending inju*ies and any intervention on the 26-year-old would have been in va!n. She believed that Taylor passed“less than a minute,” after being sh*t.

“Even if it had happened outside of an ER we couldn’t have saved her,” Dr. Barbara Weakley-Jones said.The f!ling also declared that Taylor’s loss was due to gentr!fication and not a dr-g ra!d gone wrong. It was so-called that Mayor Greg Fischer wanted the land Taylor lived on for redevelopment and officers were tasked with clearing out the area.

“People needed to be removed and homes needed to be vacated so that a high-dollar, legacy-creating real estate development could move forward,” Taylor’s family said.The mayor denied the “outr*geous” so-called through his spokeswoman Jean Porter.

“They are insulting to the neighborhood members of the Vision Russell initiative and all the people involved in the years of work being done to rev!talize the neighborhoods of West Louisville.”

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