Cop Who Caught Starving Mother Stealing Eggs Gives Her Two Truckloads Of Food Instead Of Arr-esting Her – VIDEO

Living in po-verty isn’t easy. One mom had to choose between letting her children go hungry or pu-rloin. She decided to try to take five eggs from a close grocery store but she was caught. Constable William Stacy got to the scene and heard why she did what she did. He felt so sorry for her.

He could have pun!shed her but instead decided to do something about her situation. For just $120 a month, Johnson takes care of two daughters, two grandchildren, and nieces.

But the week before the incident, she lost her pay. Her family was on the edge of sta*vation. They hadn’t eaten for about two days, so Johnson went to the store with just $1.25 to buy eggs. However, she soon discovered she was only 50 cents short.

She decided to put the five eggs in her pockets. When the store staff caught her, she was about to leave the mess behind. She admitted to what she did immediately.Johnson explained that she was trying to feed her family. The store called the.

Officer William Stacy got to the store and went to talk to the store owners about the situation. Johnson was told to remain where she was. Together, they chose not to press cha*ges aga!nst Johnson. Officer William Stacy ended up buying the eggs for Mrs. Johnson.

When the officer arrived at Johnson’s home a few hours later, she expected he was coming with handc*ffs. She began to cry and got extremely emotional. She even tried to give the officer the money she had, $1.25. Officer William Stacy told her she was not going to be taken into cu*tody. He explained to her that he remembered her from before during a prior visit to her house.

What he had seen at the grocery store matched up to what he had seen during the previous visit. He decided to do something about what he had seen. Officer William Stacy purchased a carton of eggs for her and her family. And just simply asked her to never shoplift again. Before leaving, Mrs. Johnson gave the officer a hug.

They didn’t know the moment was captured and posted on social media with the hashtag feelgoodstoryoftheday. But the officer wasn’t done helping Johnson. Later that week, Officer William Stacy and a few others went to the woman’s house and brought her two truckloads of food to feed her and her family.

Mrs. Johnson stated she hadn’t had that much food in her house since she was 12 years old and was living with her grandma. She was emotional all that day. The officers even set up a fund with People’s First Federal Credit Union in order for her to receive various other donations.The donations came flo*ding in after the story went viral.Officer Chief William stated he had many calls from all over the country and world who wanted to donate money and other items to Mrs. Johnson.

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