Brad Pitt Files Cha-rges Against Angelina Jolie Of Stalling Separation To Stop Him From Getting More Custody Of Kids

Brad Pitt is acc*sing Angelina Jolie of st*lling the couple’s ongoing d!vorce because an upcoming cu*tody trial may result in the actor getting more cu*tody of the ex-couples children.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Bla-st, the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star’s legal team is cla!ming Angelina’s recent f*ss over their private judge’s impartiality is only a sm*kescreen to the fact that she doesn’t want to to change their current cu*tody arrangement.

In the filing, Brad’s lawyer cla!ms the recent “timing of Jolie’s request for disqualification shows that it was f!led purely for str*tegic reasons.” Brad Pitt Cla!ms Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie ‘Opp*ses’ His Request For More Cu*tody!

“First, Jolie’s request for disclosures came immediately on the heels of the cu*tody issues in this case being set for hearing in October 2020, dates her own counsel requested,” the filing states. It continues, “In that proceeding, the Court will rule on Pitt’s request to modify, which Jolie opp*ses.”

Brad Pitt has asked for a modification of cu*tody, which would give him more time with the children. His position is clear, that Angelina is st*lling the upcoming cu*tody hearing to p*sh back the inev!table, he will get it.

“Jolie’s Iate suggestion of judicial b!as sm*cks far more of ta*tical opportunism than anything else. Indeed, the timing of her request for disqualification confirms that it was f!led for the improper purpose of postponing the upcoming hearing on cu*tody issues and thereby preserve the status quo,” the filing reads.

Brad Pitt’s team is also acc*sing Angelina of sta*ling so that a doctor involved in the case will not be able to testify the actor SHOULD be given more cu*tody.  “Second‚ the appointment of Dr. Katz as PPC exp!res in November 2020.”

A postponement of the October 2020 trial date would p*sh the trial date past Dr. Katz’s appointment‚ which Jolie may use to attempt to excl*de Dr. Katz from testifying at triaI‚ although there is no basis supporting it,” Pitt’s attorney wrote.

He continued, “Jolie’s, perhaps legitimate‚ concern that the cu*tody arrangement will be alte-red is no the occasion for her and her attorneys to ab*se procedural rules intended for serious infr*ctions of judicial officers.”

In other words, she knows what is coming, and can’t use the issues with the private judge to stop the possible cu*tody change. Brad & Angelina Headed To Trial Over Cu*tody Of Their Kids: In the end, Pitt’s lawyers say, “For aII the foregoing reasons, Jolie’s motion to disqualify Judge Ouderkirk, in this case, is factually unsupported and Iegally mer!tless. ”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been f!ghting over cu*tody of their children for years. As you know, Jolie acc*sed Pitt of as*aulting their son during an incident on a private jet. At the time, Brad was investigated for child ab*se, and temporarily lost cu*tody of the kids. After filing for d!vorce, the ex-couple agreed on a cu*tody arrangement, but Brad has asked for joint cu*tody of the children.

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